The executive program Decoding X is twelve days long and divided into five modules:



1. Translating Technology into Strategy

The world is changing rapidly. How do we, as leaders, navigate our organizations through the forthcoming changes? How do we lead for the future? In addition to lectures where we deep-dive into these issues, we will work together to chart and understand mega trends related to globalization, exponential technology, digitalization, and sustainability.

    design the future_decodingX

    2. Design the Future

    How do you design an organization that is capable of continuous transformation? What is an innovative culture? How do we build and plan for the future while our daily operations continue to run smoothly? We base this module on design thinking, innovation management, and service design. With lectures and labs related to VR/AR, machine learning, AI and big data, we create a concrete roadmap for the development and implementation of new products, services, and business models.


    3. Strategic partnerships in a networked society

    Global partnerships, adaptation to new business models, and open innovation systems will be crucial in keeping up-to-date in a digitalized world.The third module will take place in one of Europe's most exciting hubs for innovation, fintech, and entrepreneurship - Berlin! We visit and meet with international pioneering companies that are operating at the leading edge of leadership innovation, design thinking, exponential technology adoption, and innovation.

    With a globally connected world, there are also increased security risks. Cyber attacks are increasing by the day and many organizations lack the core competencies and methodologies to secure their systems and operational stability. In the program we look into some of the risks that we need to tackle in relation to digitalization and we also explore how modern risk management could be shaped.

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    4. Future of organizations

    How should we lead and organize in order to be able to meet future customer needs? Who will be our customer, what do customer preferences in the future look like, what client behaviours can we expect and what will motivate our employees in five years? The purpose of this module is to understand how our future organizations are being shaped. The module focuses on preparing the participants to lead the business and talents of the future.


    5. Scaling business and digital disruption

    What use is theoretical knowledge if we can not turn it into practical changes? In the fifth module, we will prepare for tomorrow's business adventure and explore the epic stories that will move us from point A to point B. We explore scaling principles and develop partnership strategies for the future. We prepare to start a movement. In addition to physical meetings, you will always have access to information digitally, where you can watch lectures and get inspiration to deepen your knowledge further. The program will be held in Stockholm, which is currently considered one of the most innovative cities in the world, with a vibrant start-up scene and exciting partnerships.