Benefits of the program


Decoding X supports you in your role to manage the potential of digital, global, and societal changes. You will gain new knowledge and be able to experiment with and practically test your new insights together with international experts and the other selected participants in the program.

In addition, you will become part of a strong multidisciplinary network which you can leverage to exchange experiences, feedback and learnings. You will have access to the network throughout as well as after the program.

The Decoding X program provides an exceptional mix of:

  • Knowledge focused on how to navigate complex structures and changing environments.
  • Insights into future technologies like blockchain, persuasive technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • A leading network of business executives, policy makers, experts, researchers and innovators.
  • Tools for building vision and engaging your employees, managers and partners on the path towards the goal.
  • A deeper understanding of how megatrends and exponential technologies will be important to your business.
  • Support and inspiration to develop a concrete roadmap to navigate future challenges and opportunities.
  • Strategies for partnerships and upscaling with startups.
  • Exploring the skills of the future and future-proofing your own leadership and business skills.
  • Understanding the key elements that enables Swedish international digital success
  • Interactions with leading pioneers within tech and digital in the Nordic startup scene.
  • Theory and practical training in how to build a fast-paced, open innovation culture.