Decoding X


The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Technology shifts, digitalization, and globalization create new opportunities and challenges. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the midst of an era characterized by complexity and uncertainty where exponential technology development contributes to the disruption of business models, organizations and society.



A new world requires new leadership

To succeed in this new world, we need to create innovative business models, organizations, leadership, and culture. We need to understand how the technologies underpinning Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, AR / VR, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are changing the game plan. We also need to learn how to work with strategic partnerships and co-creation in the new ecosystem that today combines academia, politics, corporations and startups. The new world requires informed, data-based, networked and visionary leadership.


Decoding X – empowering leaders IN the digital transformation

Decoding X, in collaboration with SSE Executive Education, now offers  a 12 day long educational program for senior executives to give them the skills to lead in and through the digital transformation. Decoding X combines best practices from frontrunners in the digital era together with the latest business intelligence about major global trends. Decoding X and the School of Economics' outstanding international network supports the program and the participants on a mission to develop game changing leadership. Decoding X has an interactive, innovative, and experimental format, giving you the opportunity to test out concepts, ideas and models, receiving effective feedback as part of the learning process.

Together with the participants, we decode the highly agile and changing digital landscape and the increasingly global interconnected world. You will also get the support and tools to bring the knowledge with you and implement it in your own organization and share your learnings with others. The program equips you to develop and implement your visions with the global market as a playing field and with your and your organization’s goals in focus.


Decode, explore and transform

As a participant in the program, you will work with leading experts, established business leaders, researchers, and fellow group members to jointly develop skills to decode future developments. You will practice digital strategic decision making as well as rapid prototyping. The learning is interactive with a strong focus on the "how". The program will include experimental lab work, discussions and cases, relevant for you and the operations of your organization.

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